Leadership, Education and Talent Development

The HSE recognises the central role education, training and development plays in supporting good practice, and delivering safe and effective care whilst considering the development needs of all individuals. 

There are a variety of training and development opportunities available across clinical and non-clinical areas in the HSE. Please click on the links below to find out more.

Contact Details for Leadership, Education and Talent Development

Leadership and Management Development - traininganddevelopment@hse.ie Tel (01) 8817038 / 8817085
National Doctors Training and Planning - doctors@hse.ie Tel 07669-59924
SKILL Programme -  traininganddevelopment@hse.ie Tel (01) 8817038
Nursing and Midwifery Education - nmed@hse.ie (01) 6352471
HSeLanD Online Learning and Development Portal - info@hseland.ie Tel (071) 9822100