Welcome to the Health Service Leadership Academy. This new resource is for everyone working in healthcare who is interested in leadership.


The aim of the Leadership Academy is to develop leadership across the health service. We want to create a health service that puts patients, service users, carers and communities at the heart of everything we do. We want a safe, high quality service provided by engaged staff and compassionate leaders. So the Leadership Academy is here to develop leaders, at every level and from every profession, who can help lead that change.


People across the country access the health service at some of the most vulnerable times in their lives. Staff working for those patients and service users need be trained, developed and supported to provide exceptional clinical care as well as deeply compassionate care. That takes great leadership. Leadership in healthcare is as much about who you are and how you behave as it is what you know and what you can do, so the Leadership Academy will provide development and learning opportunities that develop both. We will support leaders across the whole health service to be the very best they can be.


We have developed this work from best practice internationally, from other sectors and from other health systems. Our leadership development will be provided using a blend of styles from virtual learning using new technologies to their fullest extent, exceptional development opportunities in our own facility in Dublin and across Ireland, experiential learning that matches the best academic content with great facilitation and creative and exciting new ways of learning. The way we develop leaders will reflect what we need them to be; creative, engaging, innovative, highly effective, and compassionate.


The programme offerings from the Leadership Academy are Leading Care I,  Leading Care II  and Leading Care III, with new developments coming so that every single person working in healthcare will be able to access support and development during their career, from one place – the Health Service Leadership Academy.