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Health and Safety Authority (HSA) Correspondence

Health and Safety Authority (HSA) correspondence is now monitored at national level for assurance purposes by the Health and Safety Management Advisory Committee and Risk Committee. Therefore, it is now mandatory that a copy of all correspondence from the HSA is submitted to the National Health and Safety Helpdesk by clicking here and attaching the documents.

Such correspondence may include:

  • Verbal Advice
  • Report of Inspection

  • Improvement Direction

  • Improvement Notice

  • Contravention Notice

  • Prohibition Notice

  • Information Notice

  • Fixed Penalty Notice

For more information please go to: http://www.hsa.ie

As mentioned above this information is collected for assurance purposes and it remains the responsibility of local management to ensure that HSA correspondence is addressed fully, appropriately and in a timely manner (meeting any deadlines imposed by the HSA and set out in the correspondence).

Reporting to the Health & Safety Authority

Accidents can be reported to the Health and Safety Authority in two ways, namely by hard copy, i.e. completing the Incident Report Form (IR1) and posting it to the Workplace Contact Unit, Health and Safety Authority, The Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1, or reporting online, via the Health and Safety Authority's website.

Dangerous Occurrences (IR3) can be reported in two ways, namely by hard copy i.e. completing an IR3 form and posting it to the Workplace Contact Unit, Health and Safety Authority, Metropolitan Building, James Joyce Street, Dublin 1 or reporting online for more details on what and how to report accidents, incidents and dangerous occurrences to the Health & Safety Authority please click on the Frequently Asked Question.

National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The National Incident Management System (NIMS) is a core enabling system to improve patient and service user safety with more than 110,000 incidents reported annually.

For the National Incident Management System Reporting forms, please go to QAVD Incident Reporting webpage

New HCW COVID-19 National Incident Report Form (NIRF)

The HSE requires that where a staff member tests positive having contracted COVID-19 in the workplace, this must be recorded and reported at the earliest opportunity on the National Incident Management System (NIMS) via the appropriate form (NIRF). The HSE are actively seeking this data in order to aggregate the information and make it useful at the earliest opportunity in our management of COVID-19 related risk.

You do not have to report onto NIMS if a staff member has contracted COVID-19 while:

  • they are fully working from home, and
  • they have not attended the workplace in the previous two weeks

This may be considered community transmission and there is no requirement to report the incident onto NIMS.

For more information, please read HR Memo dated 9th September 2020

HCW COVID-19 Acquired NIRF Interactive

Should you require any assistance contact the NIMS helpdesk at 01-2384240 or nimshelpdesk@ntma.ie

For information regarding the reporting of incidents, accidents and near misses to the Health & Safety Authority please click here