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National Staff Engagement Forum

  • Membership of the Forum is designed to accurately reflect the staff profile in the health service and includes members from the HSE and the voluntary sector. We currently have 60 members on the Forum based on a proportional representation of staff across the services based on roles, grades and geographical areas.

The Forum is co-chaired by Rosarii Mannion, National Director of Human Resources, and Dr Philip Crowley, National Director Quality Improvement Division. It is co-facilitated by Vera Kelly, National Organisation, Design and Development (OD&D) Lead for Staff Engagement, and Juanita Guidera National QID Lead for Staff Engagement.

Meeting dates in 2018:

  • 16th January
  • 6th March
  • 19th June
  • 18th September
  • 4th December

In our recent meetings we have invited speakers from different parts of the organisation to share experiences of projects that engage staff for example, Forum members have provided feedback to the National Communications Division in relation to digital and social media and the organisation’s InSpire Hub. Members have also been informed about the work of the organisation’s Programme for Health Service Improvement and Values in Action project.

We are proud to be part of a Forum which acknowledges the expertise of staff and which will use this to help develop guidance for services on the top ‘Staff Suggestions for Engagement’. The Forum will continue to gather suggestions for how to improve staff engagement and share these with health sector organisations.

The Purpose of the Forum

To create a space for conversations about what matters to staff in terms of engagement and gather suggestions on how to improve it by building on existing approaches and continually looking for new ways to engage staff.

To give a sense of ownership and personal responsibility for engagement, building positive and effective communication between all people regardless of their position.

To share good examples of staff engagement.

To provide feedback and advice to the health sector on improving staff engagement in the design and implementation of organisation wide initiatives and policies.

To promote staff engagement throughout the health sector to create a positive working environment for staff and service users.

The Forum decided that a number of items are outside its scope - these include recruitment, funding, industrial relations, site specific issues and negativity! However, it was agreed that as the Forum needs to be a space where staff can share honest feedback, if staff raise these concerns, they will be shared with the relevant department.

The Role of the Forum

The role of the Forum is to assist health services to scope and develop a staff engagement strategy that influences and shapes how the HSE involves all staff in the design and delivery of services.

In joining the Forum each member agrees:

  • to participate fully in each forum meeting
  • to share their individual experience and perspectives of staff engagement with the forum
  • to provide a voice for staff who are not directly involved in the forum
  • to increase awareness of the staff engagement forum in our own areas
  • to identify drivers, barriers and potential solutions to challenges to staff engagement
  • to be an agent-of-change within their own system.

Members of National Staff Engagement Forum 2017/18

Adrienne Lynam, Anne Marie Kelly, Annemarie Byrne, Annette Sweeney McCarron, AnnMarie Tibby, Breege Joyce, Breffini McGuiness, Caroline Brown, Caroline Lennon –Nally, Cathal Reilly, Catherine O'Mahony, Debbie Ghaieb, Ejiro O'Hare Stratton, Elaine Fallon, Elaine Naughton, Eva O'Reilly, Gerard Crotty, Grainne Milne, Grainne Leach, Irene Maguire, Jennifer Madden,
Jimmy Todd, Jonathon Curtin, Julie Connell, Liam Gibbons, Liam McElhinney, Karen Reynolds, Lorraine Smyth, Louise Hendrick, Marie Kinsella, Margaret Kearney, Martina Glynn, Mary O'Donnell, Maureen Flynn, Mia McLoughlin (Dr), Mike Dejong, Muriel Farrell, Niamh Lacey, Noel Riordan, Orla Byrne, Patricia McQuillan, Patricia Tracey, Patrick White, Paul Gallen, Paul Farnan, Peter Behan, Raymond Lanigan, Roberta Callaghan, Roisin Lowry, Rose Curtis, Rose McCaul, Shane Keane, Shann Morris, Sinead Killeen, Siobhan  Burke, Theresa Heller, Yvonne Delaney

Records of meetings

18th September 2018

19th June 2018

11th April 2018

16th January 2018

Archive records of meetings

National Staff Engagement Forum Update 2017

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Forum members explaining what engagement means to them. As shown at the DG Leadership Masterclass 2017

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