The HSE Staff Sing for Wellbeing Concert 2019

The HSE Staff Sing for Wellbeing Concert 2019

Following the great success of last year’s event the 2019 “HSE Staff Sing for Wellbeing” Concert will be held on Sunday afternoon in Athlone IT at 2pm. 8 HSE Choirs from around Ireland will be midlands bound for an event that brings a whole new meaning to listening to staff voices.

The idea of workplace choirs remains relatively new in the HSE but is proving very popular among our staff. We know from other blog posts that we have a very multi-talented workforce in the HSE and being a member of a choir is just another string to the bows for many. But they are reaping the rewards!! Research is mounting on with the benefits of staff choirs have on for the health, wellbeing and engagement levels of the staff involved, therefore, leading to organisational benefits. Choir practises and larger events such as Sundays Staff Sing for Wellbeing are perfect opportunities to meet and get to know colleagues working in different areas and services – maybe put a face to a name of someone your regularly email. Choirs are also an opportunity for retired staff members to stay connected with their former work colleagues. This creates a social aspect to the work-life of staff and links to increases in staff morale, motivation and overall satisfaction. According to the results of the 2018 “Your Opinion Counts” Staff Survey, 52% of Staff said that they experience work related stress. Research has found that singing decreases the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the bloodstream but more practically, attending lunch time/evening choir practise means members will leave their desks / busy wards for a short amount of time and maybe return to work or their families  feeling more relaxed. This is no real surprise as we are all aware of the feel good factor of singing in the car or the shower so of course singing at work would have the same benefits.

Vera, Eileen and Fergal at the Staff Sing for Wellbeing 2018

Image 1: Vera, Eileen and Fergal at last years event

HSE Choirs are staff run and completely voluntary. Members of the choirs choose to give up time in their day to practise with their follow choir members but they feel and see the benefits of it. The choirs are all about fun and no better example of that than Tullamore’s HSE Workplace Choir and their Flashmob in the hospital foyer or in Heuston Station. Many of the choirs performing on Sunday choirs also lend their voices to other worthy causes by partnering with other workplace campaigns e.g. for Mental Health #littlethings campaign.

Adrienne and Fergal at Staff Sing for wellbeing 2018

Image 2:  Fergal and Adrienne presenting at last years event

On the day, it is expected that the halls of Athlone IT will come to life with the sweet sound of choirs from Portiuncula, Tullamore, Mullingar, Naas, Ennis, Galway (Merlin Park & GUH) and SCRUBS Cork University Hospitals Scrubs choir. Many will have already heard of the SCRUBS choir, famous for their Britain’s Got Talent Success and their recital at the Vienna Winterfest. Dressed in their distinctive theatre  (scrubs) uniforms, they will no doubt give Coldplay a run for their money with their rendition of Viva La Vida!

No better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than to sit back, relax and enjoy the show so get booking those tickets!! To any choir members reading this blog – break a leg!

If you wish to find out information about if there is a choir is your area you should contact  Kathleen Pardy 057 9357828

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