Framework for Improving Quality in Our Health Service

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The "Framework for Improving Quality" resource has been developed to influence and guide our thinking, planning and delivery of care in our services. It is firmly orientated towards quality, safety and to improve patient experience and outcomes. The Framework provides a strategic approach to improving quality whether at the front-line, management, board or national level. It has a clear aim to foster a culture of quality that continuously seeks to provide safe, effective, person centred care across all services.

For front-line teams and improvement initiatives, the Framework acts as a reminder and sense check of the key areas that consistently require focus to ensure successful and sustainable improvements in the quality of care even in the busiest environments.

We all have a role and share responsibility for the safety and quality of health services delivered to patients and service users within our services. As healthcare staff involved in treating patients, managing and improving health services, you will understand the importance of providing the best care possible for all our patients.

This Framework document is the first part of the "Framework for Improving Quality" resource. It introduces the Framework and the drivers of quality that make up the Framework. It is a high level Framework that will require application at organisational level and with front-line wards, units and teams. The Quality Improvement Team will carry out information sessions over the coming months to raise awareness of the Framework across all service areas and will partner with front-line care teams to translate the Framework into useful actions to guide their work.

Work is due to commence within one hospital group, community healthcare organisation and the National Ambulance Service to translate the Framework in 2016/2017. This will be done on a phased basis with work commencing in the acute hospital sector.

Working with the healthcare system, the Framework will be applied and translated for organisational level and front-line teams to support its use and implementation. This will provide the detail of how each of these drivers translates within these levels and settings. The main purpose of this work will be to consolidate the learning and enhance the Framework for Improving Quality in part 2 of this resource. This information (Part 2 of the resource, being currently developed) will inform, support and guide organisations and teams in putting the Framework into action to foster a culture of quality care that continuously seeks to improve and inform their own specific action plans.

We do hope you will find "The Framework for Improving Quality" useful as you start your journey towards improving the quality, productivity and efficiency of services you provide.

Framework for Improving Quality in Our Health Service; Part 1: Introducing the Framework       

Executive Summary of the review of the application of the Framework for Improving Quality in our Health services: Learning to guide future approaches (Sept. 18)

Improving Quality at Mayo University Hospital: a whole hospital story (Sketchnote poster)

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