Quality and Safety Walk-rounds

The National Quality Improvement Team in association with Beaumont Hospital are delighted to present the:

"Quality and Safety Walk-rounds: A Co-designed Approach - Toolkit and Case Study Report" 

This document is a guide and toolkit for organisations starting out on this important initiative. The document builds on the previously published toolkit in Quality and Safety Walk-rounds in May 2013 by incorporating a Case Study by Beaumont Hospital who have implemented Quality and Safety Walk-rounds using quality improvement methods over the last 2 years.

Quality and Safety Walk-rounds allow executive/senior management team members to have a structured conversation around safety with front-line staff and service users. The walk-rounds are intended to be helpful opportunities to share ideas and provide immediate feedback without taking responsibility away from line managers and front-line teams. The walk-rounds are also great opportunities to identify and celebrate good practices and initiatives across the hospital.

Quality and Safety Walk-rounds are proven quality improvement interventions that allow healthcare organisations to move towards reflective rather than inspection focused programmes, therefore central to the success of walk-rounds is a collaborative open approach.

If your healthcare organisation would like more information on Quality and Safety Walk-rounds, you will find all related documents and tools on this website. The Quality Improvement Team is encouraging all healthcare organisations to consider the introduction of quality and safety walk-rounds and we would be delighted to discuss this initiative with you in more detail. Please contact the Quality Improvement Team on :

Tel. (01) 6352344

Email: nationalqid@hse.ie

Twitter: @hseqi

Web: www.qualityimprovement.ie

Quality and Safety Walk-rounds: A co-designed Approach-Toolkit and Case Study Report.pdf (size 1.8 MB)  

Quality and Safety Walk-rounds Toolkit Resources 2016.pdf (size 1.5 MB) 

"Launch and Learn" Slides (8th of June, 2016)