Clinical Director Programme

The Clinical Director programme sits within the National Quality Improvement Team and is designed to support Clinical Directors in their role and also to support the development of the Clinical Directorate model in hospital group and community health organisational structures.

The introduction of the clinical directorate model, incorporating the appointment of Clinical Directors with formal authority to lead, is one of the most significant changes to occur in the Irish Healthcare Service for many years. It represents an unprecedented opportunity for change and improvement in the way health services are delivered through clinical leadership.

Principles and framework document (PDF)

The National CD programme is led by Dr. Julie McCarthy, National Clinical Lead and Ms. Angela Hughes, Programme Manager. The programme provides education and training opportunities for Clinical Directors and their multidisciplinary teams through a series of masterclasses and workshops with international leadership and quality experts, national best practice project developments and current topical presentations. 

The Clinical Director Programme provides a number of different education and training programmes including (please click below): 


Angela Hughes, Programme Lead, Email: