Say #hellomynameis

It was with great sadness that we learned of the recent death of Dr Kate Granger who started  the #hellomynameis movement.  Her legacy lives on through #hellomynameis which continues to go from strength to strength improving patient’s experience of healthcare.

Nurses, doctors and other HSE staff – particularly frontline staff - are being asked to tell their patients their name, as part of the #hellomynameis campaign for more compassionate care.  #hellomynameis was started by Dr Kate Granger in the UK after she became frustrated with the number of staff who failed to introduce themselves to her when she was an inpatient with post-operative sepsis.

Kate had terminal cancer and  started a campaign on Twitter and on her own website asking staff to make a pledge to introduce themselves in future to their patients. The #hellomynameis campaign is being supported by the HSE as part of the Quality Improvement Division’s patient engagement strategy and is included in the division’s operational plan for 2016.

Staff can greatly enhance or negatively affect patient experiences of HSE services. Simple things like introducing yourself can put patients at ease and positively influence their experiences of the Irish healthcare system. Patient engagement and compassion need to be at the centre of the Irish healthcare services and built into everything we do.

This page aims to encourage and support staff to engage with the #hellomynameis movement and to put patient engagement and compassion at the heart of our healthcare services.

 The resources below will help to get you started.

  •  Visit Kate’s website for lots of resources and information, where you can:
    Download and print off your own #hellomynameis badges
    Download and print off your own #hellomynameis placard – take a photo or selfie and use social media  to spread the word
    Download a #hellomynameis icon for your email signature
  • Read the #hellomynameis feature in the Spring 2016 edition of Health Matters
  • Watch Kate Granger’s presentation to an Irish audience at the HSE Communications Masterclass 
  • Watch Kate Granger’s interview recorded at the HSE Communications Masterclass 
  • Checklist to assist HSE sites in the implementation of this initiative

The #hellomynameis campaign is part of the national Communicating Clearly Programme, which is aimed at improving communication across the health service. For more information on this programme and to access materials and posters associated with it, please visit the following link:  


For more information about how you can start a #hellomynameis movement in your workplace, email the QID Division at