QI Connections Programme

Our purpose is to help people to communicate, connect, collaborate and network to further QI development and learning by using an inclusive, innovative and collaborative approach to underpin our work. This will help sustain the improvement work of those interested in and trained in QI. Communication and networks play many roles in health services improvement. Networks may benefit people who use and deliver services, commissioners, regulators and policy makers. They are a way to:

  •  Experiment
  •  Create and exchange knowledge
  •  Spread good practice
  •  Minimise potential isolation
  •  Stay connected and motivated
  •  Work together to tackle systemic and complex problems 
  •  Sustain the improvement work of those already trained in QI

Our work areas in health information and resources are as follows

Virtual Workshops

Connect with us: @TheQCommunity @NationalQPS #QIreland