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NewsSerum Eye Drops Lab

The Serum Eye Drop Programme, University College Hospital Galway

The Serum Eye Drop Programme in University Hospital Galway prepares eye-drops using patients own blood, to relieve conditions such as severe dry-eye to burns and ulcers in the eye. The hospital is the only licensed producer of serum eye-drops in the country. The project won the ‘Team Project’ and ‘People’s Choice’ awards at last year’s Health Service Excellence Awards. #OurHealthService

NewsCommunicating clearly launch image

Navigating the Health Service with Literacy Difficulties

Michael Power is a student representative of the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA). He tells us about his personal experience of the navigating our health service with literacy difficulties.

NewsPeer support

Mental Health Peer Support

People who have experienced mental health issues and are in recovery themselves have been offering support to service users across the country in a new approach by the HSE Mental Health Division.

Newsvincents hospital

Improved Diabetes Patient Care at St Vincent’s Hospital

When patients admitted to St. Vincent’s University Hospital for management of the acute diabetic foot increased by 52%, staff established a project that resulted in fewer hospital admissions and fewer amputations.


Edward Humphry Kicks the Habit

When Edward Humphrey went from smoking 20 cigarettes a day to 60, he knew his habit was out of control and resolved to quit.


Jabathon at Temple Street Children’s Hospital

The Temple Street Children's Hospital Influenza Vaccination Campaign 2016/2017 encouraged the uptake of the vaccine among staff.


    We need to support our workforce who have experienced significant increases in demand, and have been doing 'more with less' over the last number of years.