Compliance Unit - Non Statutory Sector

As part of a HSE wide initiative to improve governance arrangements for the funding of  Non-Statutory Agencies, a national framework has been developed which will ensure a consistent approach.

This Framework seeks to provide a level of governance, which will link funding provided to a quantum of service, and provides for these services to be linked to quality standards, with continuous monitoring to ensure equity, efficiency and effective use of available resources.

A critical element of the Framework is the use of standard documentation to formalise the funding arrangements. This documentation is available for download under the following headings.


Section 38 Documentation

Section 39 Documentation

National Lottery Documentation

Home Care Package Documentation

For-Profit Documentation

Out-of-State Documentation

Nursing Home Documentation

Application and Negotiation Process

Compliance Requirements for Agencies

Section 38 Annual Compliance Statement 2016

Section 39 Annual Compliance Statement  2016 (Agencies > €3 Million 2017)

Annual Financial Monitoring Return (AFMR) and accompany Excel Worksheet 2016 (This document is a requirement for agencies for year end 2016 to be returned with the Annual Financial Statements)

Grant Aid Agreement Chairpersons Statement

2018 Operational Plan

Supporting Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Explanatory Guides

Standard Templates / Forms

National Service Plan 2018 Balanced Score Card and PI Suites

Policies / Procedures / Guidelines / Legislation

Complaints Documentation


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