Compliance Unit - Non Statutory Sector

As part of a HSE wide initiative to improve governance arrangements for the funding of  Non-Statutory Agencies, a national framework has been developed which will ensure a consistent approach.

This Framework seeks to provide a level of governance, which will link funding provided to a quantum of service, and provides for these services to be linked to quality standards, with continuous monitoring to ensure equity, efficiency and effective use of available resources.

A critical element of the Framework is the use of standard documentation to formalise the funding arrangements. This documentation is available for download under the following headings. 

2020 Timelines & Presentation

Section 38 Documentation

Section 39 Documentation

National Lottery Documentation

Home Support Services Documentation

For-Profit Documentation

Out-of-State Documentation

Nursing Home Documentation

Application and Negotiation Process

Compliance Requirements for Agencies

Section 38 Annual Compliance Statement 2018 and Principal Updates document - S38 ACS 2018 v 2017

Section 39 Annual Compliance Statement 2018 (Agencies > €3 Million 2018) and Principal Updates document - S39 ACS 2018 v 2017

Annual Financial Monitoring Return (AFMR) and accompany Excel Worksheet (This document is a requirement for agencies for year end 2016 to be returned with the Annual Financial Statements)

Grant Aid Agreement Chairpersons Statement

Supporting Information

Explanatory Guides

Standard Templates / Forms

National Service Plan 2020 Balanced Score Card and PI Suites

Policies / Procedures / Guidelines / Legislation

Complaints Documentation


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