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About the Irish Health System

A guide for refugees and other migrants

Videos on healthcare in Ireland

Watch videos about the Irish healthcare system and common health topics:

Getting medical care in Ireland

Learn about what to do if you feel unwell, including the following:

  • when to see a GP (family doctor)
  • getting medical care in the evening or at weekends
  • what to do in an emergency

Medical card

If you have a medical card, you do not have to pay to see your doctor or pay for medicines your doctor prescribes. 

Learn about the medical card in Ireland, including the following:

  • healthcare covered by the medical card
  • applying for a medical card

What a GP does

Learn about GPs (family doctors) in Ireland, including the following:

  • medical care provided by GPs
  • opening times of GP clinics

Care for your teeth, eyes and hearing

Learn about how to get care for your teeth, eyes and hearing in Ireland.


Learn about types of contraception available in Ireland. You can get contraception through a GP or family planning clinic. You can also get emergency contraception in a pharmacy without a prescription.

Pregnancy services

You can get pregnancy care for free in Ireland. Learn about the care you can get throughout your pregnancy and after the birth.

COVID-19 and pregnancy

Learn about COVID-19 and pregnancy, including the following:

  • risks to you and your baby if you get COVID-19 during pregnancy
  • getting a COVID-19 vaccine in pregnancy
  • COVID-19 vaccine safety

Early pregnancy

Learn about the care you can get early in your pregnancy, including the following:

  • where to get pregnancy care
  • unplanned pregnancy options 
  • looking after your health in early pregnancy 

Late pregnancy and preparing for birth

Learn about the care you can get late in your pregnancy, including the following:

  • staying healthy in late pregnancy
  • regular pregnancy checks
  • when to get urgent help
  • signs you are going into labour

Looking after your newborn baby

Learn about caring for a newborn baby, including the following:

  • information on feeding and bathing
  • why babies cry and what you can do to soothe them
  • baby sleep patterns and tips for safe sleeping
  • routine health checks


Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby, and how to start breastfeeding.

Mother’s health after birth

Learn about the physical and emotional changes that happen after giving birth and the care you can get.

Video content created by the National Social Inclusion Office of the Health Service Executive (HSE) with Translate Ireland, the Irish College of General Practitioners (ICGP), and other healthcare workers. My Health, My Language is the winner of the Equality Initiative of the Year award at the Irish Healthcare Awards 2022.