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Behind the scenes new QUIT TV Advertisement

Some 23pc of the Irish population smoke. The highest number of smokers are aged 25 to 34 year olds (33pc). Most smokers know about the serious side effects of
smoking and more than one in two (59pc) are trying to, planning or thinking about quitting smoking. 

New campaign 

Until now, our one in two messaging has resulted in an effective anti-smoking campaign, Gerry Collins’ campaign provided powerful testimonial about the dangers of smoking but as with all advertising, after a period of time it begins to lose its effectiveness.

Our 2017 campaign builds on our past success yet takes a different approach, a proquitting message rather than anti-smoking rhetoric and uses momentum by highlighting
there are more ex-smokers than smokers in Ireland. It features a community of characters including real life ex-smokers who have agreed to share their experiences of quitting to inspire others smokers to quit. 

Shifting our message 

Research shows smokers are aware of the risks associated with smoking, yet fear quitting more than dying. By shifting our emphasis from an anti-smoking to proquitting
message, we will lessen the fear that surrounds quitting and showcase a community of ex-smokers that they’ll be more likely to engage with. This primary aim of this
new phase of the QUIT campaign is to drive a sense of urgency, action and repeat action where necessary – we’ll tell smokers why they should quit – now.
‘All together now – QUIT’ is a TV-led campaign The setting features a community of ex-smokers, quitters and young people in different locations such as a cafe, hair salon and interior shots. To help communicate the personal difficult journey each smoker undertakes, we follow a cast of quitters, some of them in the moment of giving up,
others in a moment of truth around the effect smoking has had on their life, set against the positive experience of those who have taken
the decision to join the wide community of ex-smokers which surround them.  The panoramic, joyous parting show this sentence: ‘Ireland now has more quitters than smokers’, which communicates to those almost six out of 10 smokers who are trying, planning or thinking of giving up that they will be joining in this movement and will be part of a bigger community. For the four out of 10 smokers who are not yet in that space, it will act as a stark reminder of the damage that smoking is doing to their health and remind them that their community is dwindling but that when they make that decision to try to quit that there are people and supports available free of charge from the HSE to help them. 
The new ad encourages smokers to free call 1800 201 203 to talk to the QUIT Team or to visit to view personal stories from the campaign as well as tips and the opportunity to create a personalised quitplan