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Cork based HSE strength-building classes a success

 Large group of 10 Movewell Cork participants with their instructor. They are standing in a sports hall.

“We know that being physically active has many benefits – but we also have a situation here where people are really loving the social aspect to the class and they’re feeling better and more motivated,” according to Caroline Kelleher, Health Promotion and Improvement Officer with Cork Kerry Community Healthcare, speaking about ‘Movewell’, a new strength-building class for adults with specific chronic diseases.

Caroline, who has been instrumental in supporting adults to become more active to improve their health through the programme explains that it offers those involved “the opportunity to take part in low-intensity, community-based physical activity in a safe and friendly environment.

“The programme is open to adults with low levels of physical activity who are looking to gain support and confidence to become active. Adults with the following conditions: Type II Diabetes, Asthma, COPD and Cardiovascular Disease, who are looking to become more active, are welcome to join the weekly fitness class.”

Patrick Bullman, Exercise for Health Specialist, Leisureworld Bishopstown, encourages participants not to be apprehensive about joining their gym or trying out an exercise class like MoveWell, noting that “it can be a daunting experience coming to the gym, but everyone who is coming here has felt the exact same at the start. But once you do the exercises once or twice, you’ll be a professional in no time, so there’s no need to be worried. Seeing people progress each and every week has been satisfying from an instructor’s point of view as well.”

The classes ran successfully throughout 2023 and are continuing this year. Participants John and Breda are delighted to share their experience of the programme so far.

John, while he acknowledges he is not attempting to be an “Olympian,” says he is enjoying getting more active and socialising with other participants:

“I would definitely recommend it. I feel it’s very good for your overall health – you’re meeting new people, you’re chatting, you might have a cup of coffee afterwards and a bit of a laugh.”

Breda explained that she comes back every week “because I feel like the class is doing me well. I look forward to the classes and meeting the group as well.”

Watch participants outline how they are enjoying the classes

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