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Hello to the HSE LGBTI and Allies Network

The HSE has launched a new support network for employees – the HSE LGBTI and Allies Network. The new Network hopes to enhance the HSE’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, welcoming and supportive of all of its employees. 

 The aim of the Network is primarily to support employees who identify as LGBTI to participate fully in the workforce, in every respect, through bringing their entire identity into the workplace. This can be achieved with commitment from all levels of the organisation to a truly inclusive workplace, supportive policies and procedures, peer support for Network Members and Allies, networking opportunities, both internal and external, and other related initiatives.

Led by the Diversity Equality and Inclusion Unit of the HSE’s HR Division, the formation of this Network has been identified as a key priority for the HSE in 2017 #hselgbti 

LGBTI and Allies Network

Pictured outside the HSE's Head Office at Dr. Steevens' Hospital are:

Tony O’Brien, Director General, HSE

Siobhan Patten, National HR Lead, Diversity, Equality and Inclusion, HSE

Rosarii Mannion, National Director of HR, HSE

Patrick Lynch, National Director, Quality Assurance and Verification, HSE