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Patients impressed with Injury Units across the country

minor injury unit

As part of an ongoing Injury Units public awareness campaign, we recently sought feedback from patients who had attended an Injury Unit for treatment and care. The main purpose of the survey was to help guide our public communications on Injury Units by finding out what patients knew about the services provided by Injury Units, where they were getting this information from, if they wanted to find out more information and how they would like to receive information in the future.

Following on from the public views and feedback gathered from the initial Injury Units Advertising campaign on Facebook , the patient survey went one step further to seek feedback from the patients who had used or engaged with the Injury Unit services directly.

900 surveys were distributed to 10 Injury Units in
Dublin and

586 completed surveys were returned by mid September representing an extremely high response rate of 65 per cent.

For 46 per cent of respondents it was their first visit to the Injury Unit
while 54 per cent had previously availed of the services there.
75 per cent of respondents (435) stated they were attending as a patient,
10 per cent said they were there with an adult patient while
15 per cent were attending with a child.
48 per cent of respondents had been referred to the Injury Unit by their GP while
52 per cent presented directly.
34 per cent of patients stated they incurred their injury while playing sports,
30 per cent said the injury happened at home with a further
36 per cent stating the injury happened elsewhere such as a work, outside, because of a fall etc.

When asked how they heard about the Injury Units most respondents selected friends and family 44 per cent and the GP 49 per cent as the source of the information. 65 per cent stated they would like to know more about the injury unit and when asked to select the way in which they would like to receive this information 23 per cent mentioned HSE website, Social Media 24 per cent, Local Radio 25 per cent, Local Newspaper 24 per cent and 26 per cent leaflet.

When asked to rate the Injury Unit Service on a scale of 1-5 from very poor - excellent, 70 per cent of respondents (403) selected Excellent, 25 per cent Very good (141) and 5 per cent good.

The survey also invited patients to leave a comment and this is where it got really interesting. Over a quarter of respondents chose to write a comment. While some comments were very similar to the Facebook comments about service access and availability, the majority of the comments focused on the quality and timely care provided by caring and compassionate staff working in the Injury Units.

These are some of the comments received;
Staff are lovely and very short wait time”
“Excellent service long may it continue”
“5 Star”
“Everybody is very nice to me Thank You”
“Met with lovely friendly smile from receptionist”
“Thanks for always putting me back together”
"Superb service to have in our area brilliant staff and care”
“Impeccable service given to all by staff, the premises are spotless”
“We are so fortunate to have this service”
“You can’t get better than that”
“We were in and out of the hospital in one hour excellent service”
"Nurses extremely understanding, helpful also reception lady extremely friendly.
"Great Care very clean unit staff very professional"
"I was treated with respect and concern"

While the survey feedback will help us to shape the Injury Unit Campaign for 2016/17, it has also provided us with some really great insights into patient’s appreciation for the service that Injury Units provide and the gratitude that patients have to the staff who work in these Units across the country.

For further information on the Injury Units visit The Injury Unit Public Awareness campaign will continue throughout 2016/17. The campaign is sponsored by the HSE Acute Hospitals Division and the Emergency Medicine Programme