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Staff Health and Wellbeing Open Day

The newly established Health & Wellbeing Division in CHO 3 (Mid West) held a staff health and well-being information day recently as part of a National
staff initiative which was launched by the National Health & Wellbeing Division in mid 2016.  At a local level this initiative was supported by Bernard Gloster, Chief Officer for Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary and by the Heads of Service for Mental Health, Primary Care Social Care, HR, Finance and by the Management Team at the UL Hospital Group led by their Chief Executive Officer, Colette Cowan.

Many staff participated in making this day happen and gave of their time and expertise to make this day meaningful and worthwhile to raise staff awareness regarding the need for health and wellbeing in their personal lives both at home and in the workplace. 
The purpose of the day was to : 
• Launch the Health and Wellbeing programme locally.
• Share knowledge regarding the importance of one’s health & wellbeing
• Increase staff awareness on Healthy Ireland and the role of the Health & Wellbeing Division.
• Provide information and guidance for staff on how to improve their health and wellbeing and of others around them.
• An opportunity for networking.

The key objectives for Maria Bridgeman, Head of Service for Health & Wellbeing in the Mid West, was to raise awareness amongst staff in the Mid West of the health & wellbeing agenda, seek feedback and listen to what staff have to say and work with them to achieve better health and wellbeing going forward. The main aims of the day were to promote the Healthy Ireland Strategy and to let staff know about Maria’s role in the Health and Wellbeing Department. She said that the best way to do that was to hold a one day health and wellbeing staff event, which would consist of a series of health information sessions, demonstrations and information stands.

Such staff engagements create opportunities for staff to link with their colleagues and managers within the organisation and it also creates an environment where staff are
motivated to link more with their colleagues in relation to work and results in staff feeling valued and listened to. There were 32 information stands present on the day which were allocated in zones such as Diagnostics, Activities, Relaxation and Information. The contribution from our HSE colleagues and partner agencies was very much appreciated and included stands from Sports Partnership, Gardai, Deaf Hear, Chronic Conditions including COPD and Asthma Society, Diabetes Ireland, Mindfulness, Reflexology, Healthy Eating, Dietetics Advice, Parenting Advice, Connecting for Life/Little things Campaign, Smoking Cessation/QUIT, HR and Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy stands.

The feedback received both on the day and following the event was all very positive. Staff appreciated the networking opportunity, the information received and the interactive nature of the day. A number of staff were identified as requiring further follow up with their GPs which for many came as a great surprise.  Many staff identified techniques and simple exercises to support themselves going forward and took home many information leaflets on services available to them. There were many resolutions made on the day well in advance of any New Year plans. The day was an overall success due to the number of people that attended and participated in the events that were available to them. The day was also a success due to the time, effort and hard work undertaken by all those who provided stands and the coordinating committee who put in the hard work behind the scenes to make this day happen. Great thanks are due to the local management team and also at National level for endorsing the event and supporting the initiative.