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Tullamore Hospital Choir Goes Viral

An amazing ‘flash mob’ performance by the newly formed HSE Tullamore Staff Choir has gone viral, being viewed over a million times.

The choir wowed patients and visitors to Midlands Regional Hospital in Tullamore with their rendition of Coldplay’s Fix You.

As part of the various initiatives happening within the HSE to promote staff wellbeing, staff choirs have been supported in many areas with great engagement from staff.

Health Promotion and Improvement wanted to promote wellbeing in the workplace for HSE staff in the Tullamore area and sought participants following a staff broadcast. Their Choir Director Adrius Kozlovksis suggested using the large foyer in Tullamore Hospital to perform a flash mob –where participants seem to randomly begin to perform in unison before walking away casually at the end of the performance.

Last week, in front of colleagues, patients and visitors, they sang the emotional Coldplay song. The staff choir is made up of medical and non-medical staff within the hospital and the song was their debut public performance.

The HSE Choir were also joined by members of another of Andrius’ workplace choirs from Offaly County Council.

Singing lowers stress levels and improves mental wellbeing so bringing staff together in the workplace is designed to support staff and to create a social outlet to meet new colleagues. The reaction from the participants, other staff and the patients themselves in the hospital has been really positive with many saying that they had an emotional reaction to the song being sung in a hospital setting.

A video of the performance has been picked up by national media and viewed over a million times. For more information about mental health and wellbeing visit: Join the conversation: #littlethings

Watch the video: