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Volunteering at St Johns

An event was held at St John’s Hospital Sligo recently to show the appreciation of the residents and staff for the commitment of outstanding volunteer Eileen Higgins.

Eileen has been visiting St John’s for 21 years along with her dogs. Eileen provides an invaluable service to the residents on all the units, her visits are completely of her own time and she is punctual and dedicated to improving the quality of life of the residents.

She achieves this through enhancing the socialisation of residents with her dog and her good news stories, along with her vibrant personality. Her current dog is called Poppy and is 10 years old next month.

One of the residents revealed, “I really look forward to Eileen visits and seeing her along with her dog always brightens my day.” Eileen graciously accepted a bouquet of flowers and gifts as a token of appreciation from the residents and staff. She thanked all present for their kind gesture stating, “Thank you to everyone for taking time out to show your appreciation. Myself and my dogs really enjoy vising the residents here at St John’s and I am thrilled to hear that they get as much joy and satisfaction from the visits as we do.”

St John's Community Hospital Sligo provides long-term care to 95 residents and short-term care to 37 residents in total.