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Waterford facility gains 100 percent Mental Health Commission compliance

South East Community Healthcare Grangemore

For the third year running, the Mental Health Commission has recorded a 100% compliance rate in its inspections of the HSE South East Community Healthcare’s Grangemore residential support facility in Waterford.  Located on the grounds of St Otteran’s Hospital, Grangemore is an approved Mental Health Commission (MHC) centre providing continuing mental health care and rehabilitation to 14 residents. 

The Mental Health Commission (MHC) plays a key role in inspecting and measuring compliance with its regulations at inpatient and residential care centres. They hold providers accountable for achieving and maintaining a range of standards, identifying areas for improvement in mental health services, and helping to ensure that the best possible service is provided. 

Grangemore inspection report

Welcoming the recent publication of the MHC’s 2023 inspection report on Grangemore, the Head of Service, Mental Health, HSE South East Community Healthcare (SECH), Anne Donaghey said it was “heartening when a respected entity such as the Mental Health Commission has good things to say about mental health services provided in such facilities as Grangemore". 

“There is an enormous contribution being made every day by our dedicated colleagues in our mental health services - including through the challenging times of the recent pandemic. In congratulating Consultant Psychiatrist in Rehabilitation and Recovery Dr Darina Sloan, Clinical Nurse Managers (CNMs) 2 Grace King and William Browne, CNM 1 Helen Murphy and all of the team attached to Grangemore on this achievement, I know they’re also keen to acknowledge patients and their families for their support in this ongoing success story.”  Anne Donaghey

Anne continued: “Patient care remains a priority focus for the HSE, throughout all components of our service delivery. We strive at all times to adhere to the rules and regulations relating to the provision of mental health services. We continue to work closely with the Mental Health Commission to ensure that all of our facilities comply with applicable guidelines. In recent years, the MHC has been recording consistently high rates of compliance across our residential units and acute mental health inpatient facilities here in the South East. I am delighted that the three in-a-row of full marks for Grangemore is the latest such finding. 

“The excellent contribution of various staff members is evident in what the MHC has noted very positively in terms of staffing and the safety of everyone in Grangemore. They referenced the appropriate care and treatment of its residents, the respect demonstrated for residents’ dignity and autonomy, responsiveness to their needs and further acknowledged the governance and accountability of the facility."  Anne Donaghey

“I am also pleased that the MHC noted the collaboration, completed in 2023, involving the Waterford Healing Arts Trust (WHAT), the Waterford Walls project and local users of the mental health services (under the guidance of our Rehabilitation and Recovery Team members) in working with Dublin based illustrator and mural artist Juliette Viodé. Together, two colourful mural pieces (depicting scenery around the Metal Man maritime beacons in Tramore) on external walls at Grangemore were produced. This project is one of many activities that enhance the lives of those using Grangemore and impresses its visitors.” 

Anne concluded: “From liaising with colleagues Dr Darran Flynn (Clinical Director), Judith Murphy (Assistant Director of Nursing/Compliance) and the team members serving Grangemore, and in working with our Executive Clinical Director Dr Jeyachandran Chandrakanth and the diligent cohorts of mental health staff across all community, residential support and inpatient settings in the South East, I look forward to continuing to meet the expectations set for us by the Mental Health Commission.”