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A wide range of emergency, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation services are provided in Ireland's Public Hospitals both those managed directly by the HSE and those run by voluntary organisations. Our world class national specialist services include heart, lung and liver transplants, bone marrow transplants, spinal injuries, paediatric cardiac services and medical genetics.

Hospital Care Includes:

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Injury Units

Injury Units are for the treatment of broken bones, dislocations, sprains, strains, wounds, scalds and minor burns that are unlikely to need admission to hospital. Staff in Injury Units perform x-rays, reduce joint dislocations, apply plaster casts and treat wounds by stitches or other means. If you have an injury that is not serious you may be treated in an Injury Unit 

Cancer Control

The HSE's National Cancer Control Programme was set up in 2007 to provide a comprehensive programme of cancer control in Ireland.

Hospital Charges

If you need to attend a public hospital or stay overnight in hospital as a public patient, you may be liable for Hospital Charges. Medical card holders and certain other groups do not have to pay hospital charges.

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How the Emergency Department Works

Advice when you need to go to the Emergency Department