Waiting List Action Plans

A key priority for the HSE is tackling long patient waiting times and ensuring timely access to treatment and care.                                                                          Waiting List Action Plan 2017

Each year in our hospitals 3.2 million patients attend outpatient services, 1 million have a planned day case procedure and approximately 94,000 patients have an elective inpatient procedure.

The Waiting List Action Plans focus on three key service areas, inpatient and day-case services, outpatient services and scoliosis surgery. The plans set key targets to reduce the length of time patients wait for appropriate treatment and care.

The HSE is working in close collaboration with the NTPF and is fully committed to improving services for our patients and to delivering the key targets set out in  our Waiting List Action Plans.

Inpatient and  Daycase Action Plan 2018

The Inpatient and Daycase Action Plan 2018 has been compiled by the Department of Health, the Health Service Executive and the National Treatment Purchase to  reduce the number of patients waiting for hospital operations or procedures.

In 2018 the HSE will deliver 1.14 million hospital operations or procedures and the NTPF will deliver 20,000 Inpatient Day Case treatments and 4,000 Gastro Intestinal Scopes.

Under the Action Plan 2018:

The number of patients waiting longer than 9 months will fall by 10,000.
NTPF commits to offer treatment to all patients waiting more than 9 months for treatment in a number of high volume specialities - including cataract, hip and knee replacement, tonsils and scopes.
The overall number of patients waiting for hospital operations and procedures will fall to under 70,000 by year end.

Download the Action Plan 2018


Scoliosis 10 Point Action Plan for 2018/2019

Scoliosis 10 Point Action Plan for 2018/2019 sets out how the additional funding provided by the HSE to support children with scoliosis will be invested.  This plan, was co-designed with the three advocacy groups - Scoliosis Advocacy Network Group(SANG), Scoliosis Support and Awareness Ireland and Scoliosis Ireland.

Since the allocation of additional HSE funding of €9.3m in 2018, the Children’s Hospital Group has implemented prioritised actions from the Scoliosis 10 Point Action Plan ensuring that children, young people and families are central to the service redesign initiatives. The co-design process of the Action Plan also included engagement with children and young people who experienced scoliosis treatment and services. This was facilitated by the Ombudsman for Children’s Office.

The new funded initiatives from the prioritised action plan include:

  • The appointment of 20 new people to posts across multiple disciplines to support paediatric orthopaedic services implement the 10 Point Action Plan leading to improved clinical pathways for scoliosis assessment and treatment.
  • Recruitment of two general Paediatric Orthopaedic surgeons which will allow the spinal surgeons to focus on scoliosis cases.
  • Additional MRI capacity in Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital Crumlin and the independent sector to speed up pre-operation decision making and reduce waiting times for access to surgery.
  • Enhanced Multi-Disciplinary Teams in Crumlin and Temple Street CUH, which will facilitate a more holistic patient and family centred approached to care for this patient group.

Download Scoliosis 10 Point Action Plan for 2018/2019 

Action Plans 2017

The Inpatient/Day Case Waiting List Action Plan 

The Inpatient/Day Case Waiting List Action Plan 2017 set out to reduce the number of patients waiting 15 months or more for Inpatient / Day Case treatment by 75% by the end of October 2017. 

Inpatient and Day Case Waiting List Plan 2017

The HSE Delivers on Waiting List Targets November 2017

The Action Plan for Scoliosis

The Action Plan for Scoliosis 2017 set out to ensure that no patient would be waiting more than four months for surgery by the end of 2017. The plan sought to provide treatment options for over 400 children in 2017. 

A number of initiatives were undertaken within the Children’s Hospital Group, other public hospitals in Ireland as well as with private providers nationally and abroad to meet the action plan's targets. 

The HSE is working to develop a long-term sustainable solution for scoliosis and paediatric orthopaedic patients.

As part of the Scoliosis Waiting List Action Plan 2017 some of our patients travelled to the UK and Germany for their treatment. Watch one of our patients sharing her experience. 

Overview of the Scoliosis Action Plan 2017