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Goods and services

We buy goods and services from our suppliers for use in the health service. For example, in hospitals and community settings.

We are working with our suppliers to make sure that supplies continue by:

  • reviewing our supplier's supply chains
  • reducing the risks for any disruptions and delays
  • putting alternatives in place, if necessary

Supplier guidance on Brexit

All supply chain risks or concerns about continuity of supply should be sent to ohop@hse.ie

Issues we want to know about include:

  • challenges in transferring notifying bodies from UK to EU
  • potential manufacturing issues or route issues
  • any other supply chain issues, regardless of how trivial you feel it is

Supply chain

  • Map your supply chain to determine Brexit exposure, including route to market.
  • Assess how Brexit may impact your ability to supply HSE.
  • Seek assurances from your suppliers or distributors to ensure continuity of supply.
  • Consider alternatives. For example, changing supplier.
  • Examine supply chain costs and possible implications, for example, tariffs, customs formalities, possible transport delays


  • Register with Revenue for an EORI number.
  • Understand what is needed to fulfil customs declaration requirements.
  • Consider a customs agent/broker or in-house management to complete declarations.
  • Consider what authorisations or simplifications about customs procedures might be relevant.
  • Determine whether you have to comply with UK customs requirements.
  • Identify tariff classification codes for products/ingredient.


  • Check what product certification you will need for exporting to the UK post-Brexit.
  • Prepare for the additional responsibilities you will have as an importer when sourcing products from the UK after Brexit.
  • If you use a UK Notified Body, transfer your product certification to an EU-27 Notified Body.

Further information

Dealing with supply concerns

We usually have about 3 months supply of products. We have asked our suppliers to keep extra stocks.

We will have about 5,621 items in stock. This is about €8.2m worth of stock. We also have extra storage space.

About 25% of the products used in the health service come through the UK. Suppliers are working to find out if they can use other supply routes.

Visit gov.ie for information about supply chain, transport and trade.

More information

Read about the GDPR requirements for HSE services for HSE staff on the Brexit GDPR page on the HSE intranet.

Email any HSE-related Brexit questions to brexit@hse.ie.