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Qualifications and workforce

Specific professional qualifications awarded in the EU are governed by EU law. This is the EU Directive on Professional Qualifications.

After Brexit, UK qualifications will no longer be recognised under this Directive. UK qualifications awarded before Brexit will not be affected.

Regulated professional qualifications

Professional qualifications are qualifications you need to have by law to access or pursue a regulated profession or to engage in regulated activities in a given country.

Qualification requirements for health professions regulated in Ireland are set and assessed by the Irish regulators.

Information on health professions regulated in Ireland is on the relevant regulator's website:

UK professional qualifications of regulated professions awarded before Brexit will not be affected.

After Brexit, UK qualifications of regulated professions will no longer be recognised under the EU Directive.

UK qualifications if there is a no-deal Brexit

After a no-deal Brexit, the UK will become a 'third country'. A third country is a country that is not a member of the EU.

Regulated professional qualifications

Irish health professional regulators will then assess UK qualifications. They will do this through their 'third country' processes. UK qualifications will be treated the same as qualifications from other non-EU countries.

If you are studying in the UK for a qualification in a regulated profession

If you are currently studying in the UK, you may want to work in Ireland when you finish your studies. If you do, apply to the Irish health regulators to have your qualification recognised.

Irish regulators are examining their third country processes. This is to make sure that Brexit does not affect processing time or costs.

The regulators' processes are available on their websites:

Qualifications for non-regulated professions and occupations

Qualifications and occupations not listed in the EU Directive on Professional Qualifications will not be affected by Brexit. These were not governed by EU law. 

Common Travel Area

Ireland and the UK are part of the Common Travel Area (CTA).

If the UK leaves the EU with or without a deal, it will not affect the CTA.

Irish citizens will have the right to free movement and the right to work and study in Ireland without a visa after Brexit.

Read government information about higher education and further education in the UK after Brexit.


UK citizens

UK citizens will have the right to work in Ireland without a visa after Brexit.

UK citizens applying for jobs in the HSE are treated the same as Irish citizens.

Read more about the Common Travel Area.

Non-EU/EEA citizens

Immigration requirements will continue to apply to non-EU and non-UK citizens.

Visit gov.ie for more information about travelling, visas and professional qualifications.

More information

Read about the GDPR requirements for HSE services for HSE staff on the Brexit GDPR page on the HSE intranet.

Email any HSE-related Brexit questions to brexit@hse.ie.