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Public health and ambulance services

Ambulance services

The National Ambulance Service and the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service work together in border areas. They provide support to each other for emergency and urgent calls.

Both services will keep working together to make sure this continues.

You can continue to dial 112/999 in the case of an emergency.

Public health emergency

If a public health emergency happens, such as a flu pandemic, Ireland and the UK will still work together. They will do this through International Health Regulations.

Vaccine services

Vaccine services will continue as normal.

This is because:

  • we have a stock of vaccines that will last for 3 months
  • the stocks in companies in Ireland gives about 6 months’ supply in total
  • vaccines used in Ireland do not come through the UK

Environmental health: import controls

The HSE Environmental Health Service is responsible for import controls for certain products. These controls are for the following products from countries outside the EU:

  • food products of non-animal origin
  • food contact materials
  • cosmetic products
  • tobacco and tobacco-related products

The UK leaving the EU will affect these import controls.

Read more about the Environmental Health Service's import controls

Our Environmental Health Officer, Gerry,  explains the change that Brexit will bring for food imports, click here

Food safety

Food safety is subject to EU legislation.

The UK leaving the EU will affect the food control system in Ireland.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) is the authority for food controls in Ireland.

A number of agencies carry out these controls, including the:

  • HSE’s Environmental Health Service - foods of non-animal origin
  • Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine - foods of animal origin and plants

More environmental health staff have been hired. They will check imports where Ireland is the first point of entry to the EU.

Food exports

Currently, if you export food from Ireland to the UK, you do not need a food export certificate.

Food exports to the UK may need certificates for certain products. Preparations are being made for this.

More information

Read about the GDPR requirements for HSE services for HSE staff on the Brexit GDPR page on the HSE intranet.

Email any HSE-related Brexit questions to brexit@hse.ie.