About the Acute Hospitals Division

The Acute Hospitals Division works closely with the Hospital Groups to deliver hospital services throughout the country. 

These services include Inpatient Scheduled Care, unscheduled/emergency care, Maternity Care Services, Outpatient and diagnostic services.

The Acute Hospital Divisions' priorities include:

  • Improving waiting times for access to care in public hospitals
  • Ensuring the Hospital Groups are fully operational, with quality and patient safety at their core
  • Strengthening financial accountability, human resource planning and overall performance
  • Continuing the development of the new Children’s Hospital

The National Director's Office

The National Directors Office oversees the work of the Division. This includes the implementation of the relevant areas of the HSE National Service Plan and the Acute Hospitals Division's Annual Operational Plan (PDF).

The Hospital Group Chief Executives report to the National Director for Acute Services and are accountable for their planning and performance under the HSE Accountability Framework (PDF).

National Director: Mary Day

Email: acute.operations@hse.ie