About Health and Wellbeing

The work of the Health and Wellbeing Division

It is focused on helping people to stay healthy and well, reducing health inequalities and protecting people from threats to their health and wellbeing.  It was established based on two fundamental policy shifts within the health service – Future Health, which describes the new structures currently being established for the healthcare system, and Healthy Ireland, the Government Framework to improve the health and wellbeing of our population.

The services within Health and Wellbeing support people and communities to protect and improve their health and wellbeing; turning research, evidence and knowledge into action; acting as the authority on health, wellbeing and policy development; building an intelligent health system and a healthier population. Health and Wellbeing includes the following range of services, each led by an Assistant National Director.

Our Work

European Joint Action on Chronic Disease and Promoting Healthy Ageing across the Life Cycle

Research Awards on Ageing

Infection Prevention and Control

Healthy Ireland

Public Health

Crisis Pregnancy programme

Health Protection Surveillance Centre


Our Team

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