Alcohol Programme

The HSE National Alcohol Programme's priorities

  • Raising awareness of the harm caused by alcohol.
  • Building capacity within services to address excessive consumption through early intervention alcohol screening, brief advice and effective services for alcohol dependency.
  • Enforcement of new legislation and regulations.
  • Supporting evidence-based community action.

Actions to achieve these aims

  • Facilitate the release of key front-line staff for training in brief intervention so that they have the skills and confidence to recognise and address alcohol misuse.
  • Staff to “make every contact count” by screening, intervening and referring service users to specialist support as appropriate as a routine part of the delivery of care across all services.
  • Record alcohol consumption patterns and interventions delivered.
  • Display communications campaign materials and resources in all HSE settings to reinforce positive health messages.
  • Continue the development of linkages with community drugs and alcohol services.
  • Record baselines, interventions and outcomes to demonstrate the effectiveness of interventions.
  • Continue work in the area of sexual health promotion and improvement relating to the role of alcohol and sexual risk-taking. launch videos

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