Minding Your Wellbeing

HSE Health & Wellbeing has launched a new, free, online mental health and wellbeing programme called Minding Your Wellbeing. This evidence-based programme, focusing on the promotion of mental wellbeing, has been adapted from a face-to-face programme into a series of online videos for everyone at this time.

What does the programme consist of?

It consists of 5 video sessions (20 minutes each) which can be accessed by clicking on the links below and following the sequence of videos. To get the most from the videos it is recommended to watch them in order (1 to 5).   

The content focuses on:

1. Practicing Self-Care (Youtube video)

Explores the importance of individual ‘s ‘self-care’ and encourages  participants to build their own ‘self-care toolkit’ which includes healthy habits for their mental health and wellbeing

2. Understanding Our Thoughts (Youtube video)

Invites participants to reflect on their own thinking and consider how thinking patterns can impact   wellbeing

3. Exploring Emotions (Youtube video)

Encourages participants to notice their emotions and increase their positive emotions to improve their wellbeing

4. Building Positive Relationships (Youtube video)

Discusses ways in which participants can nurture, value and foster positive relationships which are so important for mental wellbeing

5. Improving Our Resilience (Youtube video)

Invites participants to improve their resilience, learn about the building blocks of resilience including the importance of focusing on strengths

This provides a unique opportunity for everyone to learn and practice key elements of mental wellbeing such as mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience.