The National Healthy Childhood Programme

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The Family and Child Health Standardised Care Plans for Public Health Nursing Services are now available. This marks the completion of a collaborative project between the Institute of Community Health Nursing (ICHN), The Office of the Nursing and Midwifery Services Director (ONMSD) and the National Healthy Childhood Programme (NHCP), building on the work developed in 2016 by the Institute of Community Health Nursing Child and Family Health Interest Group. The 34 care plans are an optional resource that can be availed of by PHNs as required to enhance the quality of care and support evidence-based practice.


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Over 63,000 babies are born in the State every year and, as children (under 18 years) account for 25% of the Irish population, we have the youngest population in the EU.

The Health Service Executive, through the delivery of The National Healthy Childhood Programme, has a key role in supporting families so these babies can fully realise their potential into adulthood.

From birth to their 14th birthday each child will have had at least 22 contacts with the health service as part of the Programme – that is 1.5 million opportunities to Make Every Contact Count

Making every contact count is important - investment in the early years of life, starting from conception, creates the best outcomes for children, providing the foundations for health over their lifetime.  Early intervention and prevention has a positive impact on children's health, social and educational development and offers the best chance of living a happy and fulfilled life.

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