Healthier Vending

The HSE Vending Policy 2019 replaces the 2014 Healthier Vending Policy and applies to all vending machines that stock cold soft drinks, confectionery and snacks on HSE premises & premises funded by the HSE.

It was developed in 2018 by the HSE Healthy Eating Active Living Programme and was informed by the HSE Healthier Vending Policy Assessment of Compliance Report 2018. A technical sub group was established to consider the nutrient profile of vending machine products.

The HSE Vending Policy 2019 is available for download below and the key changes to the policy are listed here.


·         Sugar sweetened beverages will not be stocked in vending machines.

·         50% of beverages stocked will be still water

·         Remaining beverages stocked will include non-sugar sweetened beverages e.g. diet drinks, juices, flavoured and sparkling water.


·         Snacks containing more than 200 calories per packet will not be stocked in machines.

·         An exception to this is 3 packets of dried fruits, nuts or seeds (plain and unsalted)

Calorie posting

·         Products will be clearly labelled with the number of calories per product