Research Strategy 2015-2019

The purpose of the ‘Healthy and Positive Ageing for All’ Research Strategy is ‘to enhance population health and wellbeing over the trajectory of ageing by the creation and use of knowledge to ensure Ireland is a good place to grow old’.

This strategy aims to build on existing assets and enhance the research capability and capacity in Ireland in the area of ageing research. This will be achieved by supporting and funding research in 14 research priority areas, under the four pillars of health, participation, security and cross-cutting themes.

Why is the research strategy being produced?

The Research Strategy has been produced to assist with policy development and service planning for an ageing population in Ireland. Despite the wide range of research undertaken on ageing in Ireland and more generally across Europe, there are a number of areas that remain underdeveloped. The strategy prioritises areas of research where knowledge gaps exist and promotes the use of existing data and the funding of original and innovative research to fill knowledge gaps and answer pertinent research questions.

In order to facilitate the delivery of these priorities the HSE Health and Wellbeing Division will work in collaboration with key stakeholders and funders to consolidate a strong enabling environment for research on ageing in Ireland. Furthermore, the HSE has launched a Research Awards Fund which administers research calls to support and promote high-quality research projects in relation to positive and healthy ageing.

Healthy & Positive Ageing for - All Research Strategy 2015-2019

Healthy and Positive Ageing for All – Research Strategy 2015-2019 (PDF) - 01/06/17