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Safety around Bathing Water: Public Health Information

  • Never swim or participate in water sports alone or after drinking alcohol
  • Do not drink alcohol before or while you are supervising children who are near or in water
  • Aways wear the correct safety equipment and buoyancy aid for the water activity you are doing
  • Never interfere with life buoys/ring buoys - you could cost a life
  • When swimming in the sea, stay in the designated swimming areas and swim in your depth and parallel to/in line with the shore
  • Watch out for strong currents in the sea or rivers, and riptides in the sea
  • Always swim in areas patrolled by lifeguards - see www.iws.ie for information about lifeguarded waterways - and obey their instructions
  • Drowning can happen in seconds and in silence so even when a lifeguard is on duty, watch children at all times
  • Do not swim in places you are unfamiliar with, unless there is a lifeguard on duty
  • Watch out for any sudden drops or changes in the depth of water
  • There are risks associated with swimming in cold water – so be cautious
  • Wash your hands with clean water or use alcohol hand rub after being in the water or participating in water based activities
  • Always wash your hands before eating
  • Do not swim when you have diarrhoea
  • Remember to keep protected from the sun by wearing appropriate SPF (sunscreen) and protective clothing
  • The giant hogweed plant will often be found near water. Even slight contact with this plant can cause serious skin irritation in the presence of sun light - find out more at www.poisons.ie
  • Irish Water Safety has lots of useful water safety information leaflets/posters
  • Click here for information about child safety around water - inside and outside the home.