Contact details

Title/ Area of Responsibility Name Address Phone/Email
National Director of Human Resources Ms. Rosarii Mannion Office of the National Director of HR, HSE, Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Steevens' Lane, Dublin 8.

(01) 6352319

Assistant National Director HR, Corporate Employee Relations Service

Mr. John Delamere Corporate Employee Relations Services, 63-64 Adelaide Rd., Dublin 2.

(01) 6626966

Assistant National Director, Organisation Development - Improving Change Capacity Vacant
Assistant National Director HR, Leadership, Education & Talent Development Ms. Pat O'Boyle Leadership,Education & Development, HSE, 20-23 Merchants Quay, Dublin 8.

(01) 8817038

Assistant National Director of HR - HBS Lead

Ms. Mary Gorry

HSE, Oak House, Millennium Park, Naas, Co. Kildare.

(045) 880410

Assistant National Director of HR - Hospital's Lead

Mr. Francis Rogers

HSE, Saimer Court, Ballyshannon, Co Donegal.

(071) 9822101/9822102

Community Business Partner Ms. Jackie Nix

St Joseph's Hospital, Mulgrave Street, Limerick.

(061) 461145 

HR Lead - Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Lead Ms Siobhan Patten

First Floor County Clinic, St. Conal’s Campus, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

(074) 9109133

HR Lead - Staff Health and Wellbeing and Occupational Health Dr. Lynda Sisson

Office of the National Director of HR, HSE, Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Steevens' Lane, Dublin 8.

Director of National Doctors Training and Planning (NDTP)

Prof. Frank Murray

NDTP, Sancton Wood Building, Hueston South Quarter, St. John's Road West, Dublin 8.

(076) 6959921 

Assistant National Director - Strategic Workforce Planning and Intelligence Dr Philippa Ryan Withero Dr. Steevens' Hospital, Steevens' Lane, Dublin 8.

(01) 6352364 

HR Lead - Employee Engagement Ms Vera Kelly

HSE West, Second Floor, Clinical & Administration Block A, Merlin Park, Galway. 

(091) 775953 

National Lead, National Health & Social Care Professions Office Ms Jackie Reed

National HR Directorate, HSE Merlin Park, Galway

 Phone:  (091) 775861

Assistant National Director - Modernisation & Efficiency Ms Edna Hoare

Corporate Employee Relations Service, 63 - 64 Adelaide Road, Dublin 2

Phone:  (01) 6626966