Precautions if bathing water quality is less than perfect

Ideally bathing water quality would always be excellent. However, as this can never be guaranteed there are precautions which should always be taken:

  • Wash your hands with clean water or use alcohol hand rub after being in the water or participating in water based activities
  • Always wash your hands before handling food or eating
  • Do not swim or allow children to swim or play in water that looks dirty

When water quality does not meet Bathing Water Quality Standards, the following additional precautions should also be taken:

  • Obey all bathing water area signs - a warning sign that says do not swim means that there is a high risk of illness
  • Avoid swallowing water
  • Avoid swimming with an open cut or wound
  • Avoid swimming in water of doubtful quality if you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system