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Get the vaccine

My daughter is in 1st year where can she get the HPV vaccine?

In September, schools send girls and their parents or guardians the HSE information packs.

Please read the booklet, complete the enclosed consent form, put it into the envelope provided and return it to the school even if you do not wish to give consent or the girl has already completed a course of HPV vaccine.

When HPV vaccines are given in school the HSE will let you know the date of immunisations.

If a student misses that immunisation in school, the HSE will arrange for the student to be vaccinated at a HSE clinic.

Can my daughter still get the HPV vaccine, she is attending second level school?

If you have changed your mind and would like your daughter to receive the HPV vaccine you should contact your local health office to request an information pack and appointment to get her vaccinated. This option is only available for girls still attending second level school.

The contact details for the local health office are here http://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/whoweare/localcontacts.html

My daughter is in primary school can she get the HPV vaccine?

Younger girls should wait until they reach 1st year in second level schools when they will be vaccinated free-of-charge through the HSE school programme.

All girls in 1st year will be offered the HPV vaccine.

I have finished school can I still get the vaccine?

If you have finished second level school you will not be able to get the HPV vaccine though the HSE school vaccination programme.

The HPV vaccine is licensed for use up to the age of 26.

Please contact your GP or women’s health clinic to get vaccinated you will need to pay for the vaccine and the administration.

I would like to get the HPV vaccine for my son, what can I do?

Please contact your GP if you would like to get your son vaccinated with HPV vaccine you will need to pay for the vaccine and the administration.

The HSE school vaccination programme offers the vaccine to girls in second level schools only.

This page was updated on 3 September 2018