COVID-19 HSE approved guidance for disability services

These guidance documents have been developed by the HSE in collaboration with service providers in the voluntary sector. They have been approved by the HSE's Vulnerable Person's Group.

We recommend that services access the National Public Health Guidance for COVID-19 on for the most up to date information on infection prevention and control. You can also find Irish Sign Language (ISL) videos explaining key Covid-19 topics.

Last updated: 15 January 2021

List of guidance documents below and their target audience (PDF, 310 KB, 6 pages)

1. Guidance for testing for COVID-19 in Disability Services (PDF, 358 KB, 5 pages)

2. Guidance of COVD-19 testing in Disability Services Easy Read Version (PDF, 685 KB, 7 pages)


3. Guide for Supporting adults in a community residence/at home Easy Read Version (PDF, 1.67 MB, 30 pages)

4. Guide for Supporting children in a community residence/at home Easy Read Version (PDF, 1.88 MB, 32 pages)

5. Streamlined hospital passport for people with disabilities who are admitted to hospital (PDF, 82 KB, 1 page)

6. Guidance to support a person with additional needs who becomes distressed and angry when you try to engage with them (PDF, 439 KB, 2 pages)

7. Support Coordination in a Pandemic – A practical checklist to avoid stressors for service users (PDF, 257 KB, 3 pages)

8.Coronavirus (Covid-19) Frequently Asked Questions for people with disabilities and family carers (PDF, 386 KB, 9 pages)

9. Staff Guide on Easy Communication with People with Intellectual Disability or Autism (short) (PDF, 247 KB, 1 page)

10. Staff Guide on Easy Communication with People with Intellectual Disability and Autism (PDF, 269 KB, 2 pages)

11. Staff Guide on communicating with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (PDF, 188 KB, 1 page)

12. Staff Guide on working with an ISL or English interpreter (PDF, 207 KB, 1 page)

13. COVID-19 Guide on how to stay connected using communication apps Easy to Read Version (PDF, 404 KB, 5 pages)

14. COVID-19 Test Process explained for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people (PDF, 198 KB, 1 page)

15. Clinical Pathway – Clinical Consultation required – disability services (PDF, 456 KB, 1 page)

16. Clinical Guide for hospital clinicians when supporting a person with a disability (PDF, 192 KB, 1 page)

17. Webinar - Prevention and Preparedness in Disability Residential Facilities (YouTube video link)

18. Guidance on End of Life in social care-led disability centres during COVID-19 (PDF, 722 KB, 7 pages)

19. Appendices to accompany Guidance on End of Life in social care-led disability centres during COVID-19 (PDF, 1.54 MB 19 pages)

20. COVID-19 FAQs for people with disabilities and their families - Easy Read version (PDF, 2.3 MB, 24 pages)

21. Questions and Answers from Disability Services Webinar (PDF, 444 KB, 11 pages)

22. Guidance on communicating with families (PDF, 76 KB, 1 page)

23. Supporting a person in isolation (decision tree) (PDF, 268 KB, 1 page)

24a. Activities to support a person in isolation (UK doc) (PDF, 1.49 MB, 22 pages)

24b. Risk assessment tool for people in isolation (PDF, 546 KB, 2 pages)

24c. Disability Pathway for people who may need to isolate (PDF, 72.2 KB, 3 pages)

25. Approved Communication Supports for Deaf patients in healthcare settings during Covid-19 (PDF, 197 KB, 1 page)

26. Framework for Resumption of Adult Disability Day Services (PDF, 770 KB, 23 pages)

27. Reshaping Disability Services - From 2020 and beyond (PDF, 819 KB, 37 pages)

28. Right-Based Guidance on the management of IPC risks in Disability Services (PDF, 614 KB, 18 pages)

29. Guidance to support the framework for the resumption of adult disability day services (PDF, 1.58 KB, 74 pages)

30. Guidance to the resumption of children disability services (PDF, 1 MB, 55 pages)

31. Interim Guidance on Conducting Assessments in Disability Services (PDF, 416 KB, 34 pages)

32. Guidance to support the resumption of Centre-Based Respite Services for people with disabilities (PDF, 1.48 MB, 89 pages)

32u. Updates to Guidance to Support the Resumption of Centre-Based Respite Services for People with Disabilities (PDF, 536 KB, 18 pages)

33. Infection, prevention and control guidance for Personal Assistants (PDF, 507 KB, 24 pages)

34. Guidance measures for Disability Services with the current high levels of COVID-19 transmission in the community (PDF, 289 KB, 2 pages)

35. Guidance and practical resource pack in preparation for COVID-19 Vaccination Programme (PDF, 3.2 MB, 69 pages)

36. Information for Families of Day Service Attendees being offered the COVID vaccine (PDF, 346 KB, 2 pages)

37. Process to support informed consent and will and preference about Covid vaccine - Day Service Attendees (PDF, 375 KB, 3 pages)

38. Updated Disability Day Service Guidance May 2022 (PDF, 48.2 KB, 1 page)

Video Resources:

Experiences of living with COVID 19 - (Youtube)

Valuing the Contributions of Disabled People - (Youtube)

Hearing and Responding to the Voices of Disabled People - (Youtube)

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