Dental and Orthodontic Services, Cork, North Cork

All children under 16 years of age are offered a number of dental check-ups (depending on target classes selected each year) during their time in school as part of the school screening service.  These check-ups usually involve being called to attend for an appointment at one of the seven HSE Dental Clinics in North Cork.  The service also provides an emergency service to all children under 16 years of age as well as dental services to children and adults with special needs. 

Contact Details:

Charleville - (063) 33913
Fermoy, Chapel Hill - (025) 31122
Kanturk - (029) 51151
Mallow - (022) 30289
Millstreet - (029) 70928
Mitchelstown - (025) 24672
Newmarket - (029) 60171