Dental and Orthodontic Services, Cork, North Cork

The Cork HSE Dental Service provides dental care to children (under 16) and adults with special care needs.

Routine Dental Care for Children:

Children in target primary school classes, usually 1st/2nd class and 6th class, are offered dental examination appointments. At this appointment, the child’s oral health will be assessed and any routine dental care will be provided at follow up appointments. The clinic to which your child will be called is based on the location of their primary school. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there will be delays in scheduled appointments, e.g. your child may be called for their 6th class check-up when they are in 1st year or later.

Routine Dental Care for Children and Adults with Special Care Needs:

Children and adults with special care needs are also offered scheduled appointments where their oral health is assessed and routine treatment is provided during follow up appointments.

Urgent Dental Care:

Urgent dental care is available for all children under 16 years of age along with adults with special care needs. If urgent dental treatment is required, please phone your local clinic as early as possible in the day. Many of our clinics do not have reception staff so if staff are busy with a patient and unable to answer the phone, please leave a message and they will call you back.

Orthodontic Service:

Children will be assessed at the 6th class dental examination to determine if they qualify for an orthodontic eligibility assessment. Children who qualify, are then referred to the HSE Orthodontic Service for an orthodontic eligibility assessment. Referral for an eligibility assessment is not a guarantee that the child will qualify for orthodontic treatment under the HSE.

Once an orthodontic eligibility assessment has been completed, the Orthodontist may place the child’s name on a waiting list for orthodontic treatment if deemed within the guidelines of the orthodontic department.

If your child does not attend for their 6th class check-up it may not be possible to refer them to the HSE Orthodontic Service at a later stage.

Clinic locations and contact details:

Orthodontic Department, Cork University Dental School & Hospital, Wilton, Cork Tel: 021 4901100

Mallow HSE Dental Clinic, Unit 5.2, Market Square, O'Brien Street, Mallow, Co. Cork P51 T298 Tel: 022 30289

Charleville HSE Dental Clinic, Primary Care Clinic, Rathgoggin South, Charleville, Co. Cork. P56 TP20 Tel: 063 33913

Fermoy HSE Dental Clinic, Chapel Hill, Fermoy, Co. Cork.  P61 RD36  Tel: 025 31122

Newmarket Dental Clinic, Newmarket Primary Care Centre, West End, Newmarket, Co. Cork.  P51 W2PY  Tel: 029 61515