Dental and Orthodontic Services in Galway

The HSE provides Dental Services to children under 6 and children attending Primary School, to Medical Card holders and to EU residents for emergency treatment. Some services are provided by dentists employed by the HSE, and some by private dentists.

What Dental Services are available for children?

Pre-school children attending primary schools can be referred for Dental Treatment from a child health service or following a routine school visit. Children attending primary school are screened in 2nd, 4th and 6th class and are referred for treatment if necessary to the local dental clinic. Emergency services are also available to all school going children.

What Dental Services are provided for Medical Card holders?

Medical Card holders can get a list of participating Private Dental Practitioners from their Local Health Office or HSE Dental Clinic. Once the dentist has accepted you as a patient you must bring your medical card with you when attending on your first visit. The following treatments are available with a Medical Card: Fillings, Extractions, Dentures and Root Canal Treatment.

What if my child needs braces?

Some children where necessary are referred onto their Orthodontic Clinic for further treatment This referral is from the Principal Dental Surgeon in the health centre and Orthodontic Treatment is free.

Can I get tax relief on dental expenses?

If you do not have a medical card and have to pay for dental services from a private practitioner, you may claim tax relief for certain specialised dental treatments. The form is called Med 2 and can be obtained from the Tax Office.

Can my PRSI help pay for dental treatment?

Treatment Benefit is a scheme in Ireland operated by the Department of Social and Family Affairs. Under this scheme, contributions made by people through PRSI can be accessed to repay some of the cost of dental treatment. Ask your Dentist for more information.

Dental Services

All children are given dental checks and follow up if required, from the local Dental Clinic or Health Centre. This service is usually accessed in the first place through a routine school visit and assessment by the dentist.
Dental Clinic, Shantalla Health Centre
Tel: (091) 546 028, (091) 546 038

Orthodontic Service

Merlin Park Regional Hospital, Galway Tel: (091) 77 5603

For Sligo Leitrim Orthodontic Services ring (071) 915 5111