Cork North Lee Early Intervention Intake Forum

First Floor, HSE Offices, Adjacent to Blackpool Shopping Centre, Blackpool, Cork.  Tel: (086) 787 2250

Who are we?

The Cork North Lee Early Intervention Forum is the point of entry for children, aged 0-5 years, who have complex developmental needs and need a team-based service to address their needs. The Forum is made up of representatives from each of the early intervention service providers in the Cork North Lee area.  These professionals along with paediatricians and Area Medical Officers review applications of children requesting multidisciplinary team services.  The Forum decides, based on information provided in the application form, if a child requires a multidisciplinary team service. 

Where are we?

The Forum meets once a month on the First Floor, HSE Offices, Adjacent to Blackpool Shopping Centre, Blackpool, Cork - see location.

What are we called?

The Cork North Lee Early Intervention Forum is often called The EI Forum.

Telephone Contact Details

Our contact number is: (086) 787 2250.

Please be aware that the clerical officer for the Cork North Lee Early Intervention Forum works part time and will reply to queries as she is able.  You may be waiting a week or more before your query is answered.

Who might benefit from applying to the Early Intervention Forum?

We receive referrals for children who are under 5 years of age with difficulties with their development and are experiencing difficulty in their ability to function successfully across a variety of environments (e.g. home, preschool, playground). This might include significant difficulties in at least two of the following areas: speech and language, social use of language, motor skills, sensory processing, independence skills, social interaction, behaviour, and learning new tasks. 

Children are able to access this service if they live in the Cork North Lee Local Health Area.

What do we do?

The Early Intervention Forum directs referrals to the appropriate service provider.  The Early Intervention Forum meets once a month to review applications and direct referrals to the best service provider to meet the needs of the child as described in the referral documentation.  The Early Intervention Forum clerical officer will send letters out to families informing them of the decisions made at the Forum meeting and of any onward referrals that have been made.

There are currently four service providers with Early Intervention Teams in the Cork North Lee Area:  COPE Team for children with intellectual disabilities, Enable Ireland Team for children with physical disabilities, and the North Lee ASD Team for young children with a diagnosis of or under assessment for an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and the HSE Early Intervention Team for children who need a multidisciplinary team service but do not qualify for one of the specialist EI Teams.

If a child does not appear to require a team service, the Forum will make onward referral to appropriate individual HSE Community/Primary Care therapy departments (Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, or Child, Adolescent, and Family Psychology). 

Some application forms do not provide enough information for the Forum to decide which service provider best meets the needs of the child.  In these instances the Early Intervention Forum clerical officer will write to the family requesting further or more specific information.  Once this information is received, the application can be re-presented for consideration at another Early Intervention Forum meeting.

How to make a referral?

A referral for Early Intervention services can be made by your GP, physiotherapist, speech therapist, public health nurse, occupational therapist, social worker or any other health care professional.

All referrals are processed by the Early Intervention Forum.  The Forum meets monthly and is made up of representatives of each of the local Early Intervention Teams (COPE, Enable Ireland, North Lee ASD, and HSE Team) and other early childhood specialists to review and allocate referrals to the most appropriate team to meet the child’s needs. 

Early Intervention Referral Form’ must be completed for each child referred. This form must be filled in and signed by the referral agent and parent. It can then be sent to; Early Intervention Forum, HSE Disability Services, Blackpool (Adj. to shopping centre), Cork. (086) 787 2250.

If your child has previously been assessed by a health care, medical, or educational professional please provide us with a copy of any letters or reports at the time of referral.

What  should I expect after referral?

Following referral the Forum will allocate your child’s referral to the most appropriate of the four Early Intervention Teams.  After this parents and the referral agent will be notified of the outcome i.e. if a child has been accepted for evaluation or not accepted. If a child has not been accepted the reason for this will be explained.

Useful documents

North Lee Early Intervention Team’s Referral Form

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