Protocol for the Management of Outpatient Services and Guidance Documents

The Protocol for the Management of Outpatient Services forms the core guidance for outpatient service reform. When used in conjunction with the supporting material issued in association with this document, or from time to time as required, the protocol will ensure that consistent management processes exist across all publicly funded healthcare facilities providing outpatient services in Ireland.

National Outpatient Waiting List Management Protocol 2022 (PDF, 1 MB, 66 pages)

Guide to Management of Outpatient Services Protocol (PDF, size 200 KB, 16 pages)

Guidance 001 Management of Patients Who Fail to Attend (PDF, size 185 KB, 3 pages)

Guidance 002 Validation of Outpatient Waiting Lists (PDF, size 169 KB, 2 pages)

Guidance 003 The HIQA MDS for Outpatient Referral (PDF, size 668 KB, 3 pages)

Guidance 004 Communication to Patients and SORs (PDF, size 193 KB, 3 pages)

Guidance 005 The Service Provision Agreement (PDF, size 178 KB, 2 pages)

Guidance 006 Data Set for Outpatient Services (PDF, size 138 KB, 8 pages)

Guidance 007 The Management of Outpatient Staff Leave (PDF, size 120 KB, 2 pages)

Guidance 008 Booking New Urgent Routine Review Patients (PDF, size 189 KB, 3 pages)

Guidance 009 Clinic Reconciliation Form (PDF, size 180 KB, 2 pages)

Guidance 010 MDS for Discharging Patients from Outpatient Services (PDF, size 188 KB, 3 pages)

Guide to Audit of the Management of Outpatient Services (PDF, size 99 KB, 4 pages)

Guide to Measurement and Data in Outpatient Services (PDF, size 288 KB, 27 pages)