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What is ARI?

ARI is a National Mental Health Division initiative that brings together people who provide our services, those who use them and their families and community supports, to work on how we make our mental health services more recovery focused.

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Pictured are attendees at the ARI National Recovery Fair on 18th May 2017.

  • ARI spreads the word that Recovery – a life worth living, with or without mental health difficulties – is possible for everyone.
  • It supports local mental health services in bringing 'Recovery Principles’ into the heart of how we work collaboratively.
  • People who use our services have immense knowledge about their own situation; their strengths, their values and what works best for them. In mental health we’ve found that when mental health professionals value and use this knowledge, and work in partnership with them and those that care for them, that then the results tend to be better for everyone.

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You can now stay in touch with us on Twitter - follow us @Recovery_Ire and use #MHRecovery, #MentalHealth or #Recovery.

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