Recovery Colleges

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What are Recovery Colleges?

Recovery colleges are places where the people who use our services and those who support them create and deliver services along with mental health professionals. People can choose to attend these courses as part of their recovery journey.

What do Recovery Colleges look like?

Students who enrol in these colleges can attend courses which are co-developed and co-delivered by people with lived experience of mental illness, their supporters and mental health professionals. Recovery colleges have been shown to be an exciting and positive addition to mental health services, both nationally and internationally. They allow people to have choice and control in the way in which they manage their own personal recovery journey.

REGARI College

What sort of courses do Recovery Colleges offer?

Courses offered by Recovery Colleges are developed in collaboration with the community and can include understanding mental health difficulties, looking at treatment options and developing practical life skills. The defining feature of Recovery Colleges is the way in which people who have lived experience of mental illness, their supporters and mental health professionals work together to provide the service. This approach allows Recovery Colleges to develop and offer practical, useful courses which students can choose to aid them on their recovery journey.


The HSE Mid West Mental Health Services are developing a mental health recovery education programme. This project, known as Mid West ARIES (Advancing Recovery in Ireland Educational Service) is part of ARI (Advancing Recovery in Ireland). The project will be developing a range of courses, information and educational materials on Recovery and Well-being in Mental Health. Find out more about HSE Mid West ARIES