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Mid West ARIES (Advancing Recovery in Ireland Education Service) offers a range of courses, information and educational materials on Recovery and Well-Being in Mental Health in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.


  • To provide the Mid West Region with an inspirational and inclusive educational programme on recovery and well-being.


  • To provide an educational programme and resource on recovery and well-being that inspires hope, creates opportunities and fosters the belief that recovery and well-being are possible.
  • To promote education as a tool in mental health recovery.
  • To make this programme available in Limerick, Clare and North Tipperary.
  • To promote a culture of inclusivity, mutual respect and learning among all: service providers, service users, family members, friends, carers and anyone with an interest in mental health and well being.

Mid West ARIES is a recovery education project developed by the Mid West ARI group. The Mid West ARI group is part of Advancing Recovery Ireland and comprises of representatives from HSE mental health service providers, service users, family members and Mid West peer support centres.

In 2014 the Mid West ARI group did research to look at offering courses on recovery in mental health in the region. This research found that people in the Mid West region wanted to see courses available to people who have experienced mental health difficulties, family members, staff and the general public.

Based on the research, Genio, a not-for-profit organisation, agreed to fund a Recovery Education Project for one year in the Mid West. As a pilot project Mid West ARIES will initially be developing up to ten modules that can be delivered across the region. As a pilot it is important that each part of the process will be evaluated and all participants will be asked to take part in this evaluation. Modules and their delivery will be responsive to the evaluation and changed according to feedback.

All of these courses will be free of charge and open to everyone

What does Mid West ARIES offer?
Mid West ARIES has a range of courses, information and educational materials on Recovery and Well-being in Mental Health. The courses available including venue, times and dates as well as course materials will be continuously updated on this page.

What makes Mid West ARIES different and how does it work?
The topics of the courses are created by people with lived experience, family members and staff working within the services. This is called co-production. This means that everyone has a say in what goes in to the courses.

The courses are then delivered by people with lived experience, family members and staff working within the services. This is a different way to how other courses are usually created and delivered.

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How can you sign up for a course?
Contact us on the numbers or email address detailed below. An online form is being developed and will be available shortly,

How else can you get involved?
Mid West ARIES regularly organises co-production sessions to create new courses. From time to time we call upon volunteers who have lived experience of mental health difficulties and recovery, or family members and carers, and also those working in mental health services.

If you are interested in sharing your experience to help create new courses (co-production) we’d love to hear from you.

You can sign up to take part in creating a course by completing the application form.
Or, if you prefer, please feel free to contact us on the numbers or by email below:

This means that:

  • There’s a place for everyone in the Mid West ARIES Project
  • You can enjoy Mid West ARIES as a Student (attending courses), Co-Producer (creating material), or Co-Facilitator (delivering courses)

The Mid West ARIES Team will assist you in whichever role you choose. 

Please contact Mid West ARIES:

  • Aoife Boland, Peer Educator by mobile: 087 3599166 or email: aoife.boland@hse.ie
  • Dan Taylor, Educational and Development Officer by telephone: 061 461226 / 085 8768517 or email: daniel.taylor@hse.ie
  • Niamh Wallace, Project Lead by mobile 087 6618981 or email: niamhp.wallace@hse.ie

About us:

  • Aoife has personal experience of recovery and using the mental health services as well as a professional background in Marketing and Project Management.
  • Dan is a Psychiatric Nurse and Researcher, Educator and Practitioner in Recovery in Mental Health.
  • Niamh is the Occupational Therapy Manager with the Limerick and North Tipperary Mental Health Services. She is a member of the Mid West ARI project group and the lead on the Mid West ARIES project.