Developing a Community Response to Suicide

The HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP) has published new operational guidance, Developing a Community Response to Suicide.

This guidance is a resource to support those tasked with developing and implementing an Inter-Agency Community Response Plan (CRP) for incidents of suspected suicide, particularly where there is a risk of clusters and/or contagion. It outlines the processes involved in preparing such plans, how they should be governed, led and when required, activated.


The main aims of this guidance are to ensure:

  • Preparedness - which is key to ensuring a successful response to incidents of suspected suicide
  • Foremost involvement and engagement with individuals or communities who have been bereaved by suspected suicide
  • Early detection of potential related suicides
  • A timely and coordinated response amongst a number of agencies
  • Commitment to serving the expressed needs of the community and building on the community’s own strengths
  • Robust links to existing appropriate services, supports and information sources
  • Commitment to ongoing learning and the review and improvement of all practices.

Developing a Community Response to Suicide describes who should be involved in the activation of a CRP and aims to support the decision making processes at all stages of a CRP. The guidance is of particular relevance to senior managers across HSE mental health services, local Connecting for Life Implementation Oversight Groups and others who can support the activation of a CRP, such as first responders, NGOs, bereavement services and community-based agencies.

Community Response to Suicide Cover

Published by: HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention
Date published: 15th September 2021

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