NGOs and Connecting for Life Implementation

This report provides findings and learning resulting from a strategic assessment conducted by the Centre for Effective Services (CES), on behalf of the HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention (NOSP). CES facilitated discussions with 17 NGO partners involved in Connecting for Life and with the NOSP management team to better understand the NGO partners’ engagement with Connecting for Life to date and into the future.

CES was commissioned by the NOSP to conduct this strategic assessment;

  1. To look back over the first five years of the strategy with NGO partners and to explore their experiences of working with and to the strategy
  2. To look forward to the next years by learning from these experiences with a view to informing the future implementation of Connecting for Life.

Strategic assessment CfL and NGOs Cover

Published by: Centre for Effective Services (CES) and HSE National Office for Suicide Prevention
Date Published: April 2021

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