The Harmful Impact of Online Content - a Literature Review

This review relates to Connecting for Life Action 1.4.1 – “engage with online platforms to encourage best practice in reporting around suicidal behaviour, so as to encourage a safer online environment in this area”. The National Suicide Research Foundation (NSRF) is a Connecting for Life funded agency and is recognised as a World Health Organisation (WHO) Collaborating Centre for Surveillance and Research in Suicide Prevention.

This review will inform the position of the National Office for Suicide Prevention in relation to this action and extend the knowledge and understanding of the types of harmful suicide or self-harm content online in Ireland.

The primary aims of this review were:

  • To identify, review and summarise the literature and evidence on the impact of harmful suicide or self-harm content online.
  • To propose clearly defined descriptions of categories of online material that are considered to be harmful in relation to suicide and self-harm.


Published by: National Suicide Research Foundation
Date published: 12th September 2023

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