Dialectical Behaviour Therapy in Ireland

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy is a treatment programme aimed at helping people with ongoing difficulties managing intense emotions.

Problems in regulating emotions can lead to considerable mental health difficulties such as increased risk of clinical depression, anxiety, deliberate self-harm and suicide and DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) teaches people skills to deal with their intense emotions.

DBT and other associated programmes are now available in many areas of the country, for more information on the programmes available in your area, please review the 'Information for Clients and Families' section on this website or contact your local GP or community mental health team.

Attached please find an article published in The Irish Times in August 2016 highlighting the work being done by DBT therapists in Ireland 'Tackling Suicide and Self-Harm' and information on a public lecture by a DBT therapist in Trinity College on 2nd September, for World Suicide Day. 

Read further information on the development of this programme and on the background of the creator of DBT – Professor Marsha Linehan – from the New York Times.

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