DBT Programmes in Cork

There are currently five DBT teams working right across Cork. There are two adult teams and three child and adolescent (CAMHS) teams.

Adult Teams

North Lee Adult Mental Health Services: The DBT Team, Inniscarraig House, Western Road, Cork; Tel: 021 4921586

Read more about DBT programmes available in North Lee.

South Lee Adult Mental Health Services: Donnacha O'Donovan, Senior Clinical Psychologist, South Lee Mental Health Services; Tel: 021 4872688

North Cork Adult Mental Health Services: currently a full DBT programme is not available in North Cork, however limited services are available. Please contact your local GP or community mental health team for more information.

West Cork: currently a full DBT programme is not available in West Cork, however limited services are available. Please speak to your community mental health team about accessing services.

Addiction Service

If you are looking for help with managing both addiction and mental health concerns, Understanding and Managing Emotions - Addiction (U&ME-A) is a group programme based on skills taught in Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

U&ME-A aims to teach you to increase your awareness of your emotions and skills to deal with them more effectively. For more information, please review this leaflet and call Arbour House on Tel: 021 4968933.


  • North Cork CAMHS: The DBT Team, Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service, Mallow Primary Healthcare Centre, Gouldshill, Mallow, Co Cork; Tel: 022 44970

North Lee CAMHS: Please contact Sarah.Herley@hse.ie or read this team's DBT Programme Information Leaflet:

West Cork CAMHS:

Please contact Sophia.Kalafati@hse.ie for further information

South Lee CAMHS: Phone: 021 4357447, email Geraldine.Hannon1@hse.ie or read the team's DBT Programme Information Leaflet (doc)

Alternatively, please contact your GP or local community mental health team.